Trip to Daman

Sometimes when the journey starts with the hecks, they end up as amazing memorable trips.I recently experienced one.

Early in the morning, when train was to be departed at 5:45am from Mumbai Central, we woke up at 5:00 am.It was impossible to catch the train,
though somehow we managed to use our so called brain’s at the right time and with the heartbeats at high pace,we reached just a minute before the departure
at Dadar station. We had to reach Vapi at the earliest, to reach before our friend(scared of platforms) who was about to join us from Ahemdabad.

The train didn’t took the breathe away..but the guy, our another friend did give us heart break, as he was in his deep sleep and missed the train, he approximately received around 200 missed calls and a lot of batti(scoldings) later that day.

The Journey to DAMAN – 18kms from VAPI has begun this way..

Finally we reached a lil stability after meeting each other,..meanwhile one of our friend had booked hotel room and the fun began..

We reached around 1:30 pm and after getting ready we went to DEVKA beach. A pleasant one surrounded by lot of palm trees, small vendor shops selling different non-veg,food and cocktails. We enjoyed the sunset in the quiet atmosphere.
The night then gave us lot of laughter memories,goofs and dance.

The very next day we went to see the JUMPORE beach , at the other end of DAMAN .. and here comes the goof part… the JUMPORE beach is usually preferred in the noon and evening, because the tides are at all low in the morning..

So if you are interested in taking bath within the sea,.. must visit at noon…

Though even after the goof,.. the place saved our day,.. as provides sport activities.. like PARASAILING..Camel and horse ride.. and BIKE ride…
along with the cocktails..

Apart from 2 beaches,there’s a fort, a light house and a small park, in which we dindt took much of interest.

Plan out your weekend to DAMAN to enjoy the peaceful sea and ofcourse the cheapest place to enjoy all different kind of cocktails.