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The dream of every true travel lover is to travel all around the world, or at least to see a big part of it. The most common obstacle is the lack of finances and the lack of knowledge of all the alternative options.
Although at first glance it may seem impossible, there are ways to travel the world for free. What’s more, some of them give you the opportunity to earn something along the way.

If you search through some of the forums or blogs designed for travel lovers, you will see that some people have already successfully carried out this mission. Well, if they can do it, so can you.

Volunteering is an ideal way to visit different parts of the world, to be useful and to help those who need help. On the Internet there is a number of websites dedicated to volunteering. Some of the organizations seek for volunteers and offer the accommodation and food in exchange. Out of many options that are offered, you should choose the one that suits you best at the moment.

If your desired destination is one of the European countries, it is necessary to be well informed whether you need a Schengen visa, whether that very country belongs to the Schengen area.

You have a good knowledge of foreign languages and you love children – this means that you have a secured ticket for free travel

Knowledge of foreign languages, especially the English language, is always an advantage. If you also prefer to work with people and teach them, with a little of research online you will find a lot of options for traveling without a budget. In this way you can get to know many countries and different cultures, but also gain many friends and unforgettable memories.

If your dream is to go to Africa, you could use the fact that there are really required English language teachers.
Search the Internet, contact the embassies and the cultural centers of the countries which you would like to travel to and you will certainly find an organization that seeks for lecturers of the language that you speak excellently.
Another way to travel the world and not pay for the accommodation, but also to earn some money, is to take care of the children and live with the family that you’re working for.

This usually means that you would work for about 6 hours a day and that you would also have a house and food. If you have any other skills that you can teach the kids (a foreign language, play an instrument …) you will be paid extra money. For this kind of commitment, you can inquire at the embassy or at the web sites of organizations that offer this kind of services (Aupair-world).

Couchsurfing and Crowdrise

If you dream about exotic beaches and the faraway seas, you should check out the jobs that are offered on the transatlantic cruise ships.

A lot of people love to travel and very often or for a longer period of time. Therefore, they need someone who will keep the house while they are away. Some even leave their pets for safe keeping.

This is an ideal opportunity to stay in a foreign country, and not to pay for accommodation. Sometimes there are even options to stay there up to 6 months. There are numerous portals that offer such services. You just have to select the country you want to visit.

Believe it or not, there are people who would provide others with free accommodation in their homes just so that they would get to know as many different cultures, languages and customs as possible. Couchsurfing is a great way to travel to any desired location without any expense.

If creative writing is one of your talents, it can help you travel to a destination of your dreams. All that is required is to describe your desired journey in a way interesting enough and you will encourage people to donate you money for the trip. You can share your adventure on sites such as Crowdrise and Trevolta.


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