Revisting campus life

Traffic signals teaching people’s the farmost needed Habit To Be discipline .Bus started Heading towards it’s Root some reading newspaper to know about Whats happening while some are reading text so that they might get through the teaching’s of the class some are resting looking here and there’they can be termed as on looker as if they have handed over the responsibility of gaurding nation threat .while somepeople’s are busy texting over their phone’s Includes me .Bus Conductor is handing over the right to travel in the bus Here comes. An old age man Aah seems like an army man .Give me the ticket to Kirbi place .handed 10 rupees to conductor Sir Ticket price Cost 15 .Old man as if He had demanded some right over his property .Do not Make me fool .you think I am not aware of what’s happening outside .I recently a week before heard Delhi Government is planning to make deduction in Dtc prices.Sir But it’s not been implemented yet .Hearing this He gives a full 20 minutes lecture how curruption get’s it’s root through people like Bus conductor.O yeah old man was telling the truth Delhi government had indeed announced.But I too Had not resisted took ticket without enquiring.If Bus conductor was to be blamed people like me too will also find place in the category of Bus conductor .Bus stopped at delhi cant I could see that most shouted train at delhi cant AASHRAM.Suddenly bus started creeping reason being it’s Kirbi place. The Most Conjucted place although one could walk over this place in 10 minutes to next stop Bus also take’s same lengh of time One of the example where Human body equals Machine’s.old man has not deboarded yet because bus is still creeping looking through my window seat I could see. Young women was making her Hair the traffic which surmount at kirbi place gives that time where she could afford to to do this .finally it crosses kirbi place red light .I have alway find that light Red when I used to g. To my college ARSD at Dhaulan kaun. Today I am going to arsd but not as a student but as a Ex can feel the serenity of Army Background between kirbi place to Dhaulan kaun My stand is approaching .it’s RR lines .I am at my feet It’s Dhaulan kaun .My journey with the bus ends here .Am now finding my self at Foot over bridge of Dhaulan kaun to get the other side of the road I have my memory with this I remember we had our semester exam and we two one being my friend rakesh were reading ”Last minute reading .And we find in the paper the question comes which we had luckily read at that bridge .question were of Rtc and in Rtc You can not put any name in any place you have to be sure who said to whom.other wise even if you answer the rest of the question right you will be looked as you have not paid attention to the text .As I reach my college gate I stop writting.

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    waah nicely penned

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