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It is Love for spouse that makes a family grow strong.
It is Love for their own blood that makes a parent teach their child the ethics of living, be it from walking/talking to being a successful person.
It is Love for your own children that makes a mother & father grant their wishes, even though how hard that could be for them.
It is Love for the siblings that make you irritate and fight with them.
It is Love for the grandchildren that makes grandparents willing to do anything for them.
It is Love for extended family that makes us meet & greet them.
It is love for true friends that make the world a better place.
It is Love for some True friends that makes them your Family.
It is Love for a gf/bf that makes a person go against their family and friends.
It is Love for someone else that makes one forget- the troubles a parent goes through while raising a child and where they stand is because of them.
It is Love for someone else that makes a friend forget- the good times & the bad times his/her true friend stood by them.
It is Love for Beauty that makes one ditch someone else.
It is Love for Money that makes one change with time.
It is Love for Yourself that makes you stand still no matter how everything is.

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