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First meeting

It was May 6 , 2009 when I came across this Beautiful girl!

It was a family function and I was talking to my Uncle. She just entered the hall and my first reaction was “ . . . . . . ” *No words as my mouth was left open and eyes set on her gazing at her** . I actually had goosebumps.

This girl was beautiful, Fair as milk, Long hairs, Rosy lips , Brown eyes and adding to all this were her little dimples. She wore a blue denim and a black top. Adding to her she wore black Ear-Rings and had a small black ‘Bindi’

I was amused when I saw this girl, it brought a big smile on my face. I felt a little tingle inside me. I was sure she is the one.

**Love at FirstSight**
**Violins Around**

Somebody asked me about our first conversation , so here it is..

Our First Conversation.!

May 7, 2009 around 3 pm.

I was in the balcony and she was having a conversation with my sister. My sister briefed her a bit about me passing class 10th and expecting good marks.

As I entered into the room, out of the blue,

She : So what have you thought after class 10?
Me : Meeee!! *Poker faced* Ummm. Simple commerce stuff.
She : Why don’t you go for science? You seem to be interested in Maths, so why not IIT-JEE. When I was in class 10.. (and she kept telling her story about how she left 20 marks paper and secured 80/100 in maths and how she didn’t perform well in Prelims and how does she observe things and how is she so fascinated by doctors and etc.)
Me : Haan Haan OK!! I will think about it.

Then I left and I had it in my mind what I’ve to pursue as that was the only way to get closest to her.

Ultimately, this decision to get a JEE coaching brought me a fortune and I’m an IITian now. All credits to my Miss Bean.. :

  • Zaid