Dangal Movie Reviews


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Aamir Khan continues his legacy of ending the year with the best Bollywood movie

  • The performances. I am not only talking about Aamir Khan but also the supporting cast was very good. The acting by the cast has taken this movie to another level.
  • The story is based on real life incident and has been conveyed in a very good manner. There are some good light hearted, funny scenes and the wrestling matches have been well shot.
  • The musics fit the movie. The title track is catchy. Other songs may not be chartbusters but they are suitable in the context of the situations where they are played in the movie.
  • The movie conveys many social messages and shows how sports are neglected in India, how women are not considered fit for sports and the less popularity of sports played by women. The movie also promotes wrestling very well. I knew about wrestling a bit personally but this movie has made me more familiar with how the game is played.


Direction – 4.8/5 ( Brilliant art my Nitesh Tiwari)

Cinematography – 4.3/5 ( Excellent, was easy for me to depict everything during editing )

Production Designing – 4.2/5 (Mesmerising)

Editing – 4.5/5 ( Excellent work done by Manish sir )

Acting – 4.9/5 ( Brilliant par excellence )

Recommendation: This one easily deserves 4 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended if you have a taste for good cinema and a liking for non-romantic films. Ah and before I forget, Dangal makes you sing The National Anthem and chant Bharat Mata Ki Jai, this settles down a lot of controversies regarding Aamir. A sure shot superhit, it may well gross Rs 500 crores at the boxoffice.

A must watch Paisa Wasool movie.


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