Carpe Diem

`Carpe Diem `
Thinking as in what this is,. google it,.. aah Let me tell u,..
I am just requesting you guys to live in the moment,..`the present` and think less about the future,.. Life’s is a Mari-go-round … be it any damn thing,.. u ‘ll reach the point where you started.
I would say, its just about how we live those moments and then re-live them in completely different style.
Its very easy to be depressed , sad (happening with me these days), but then getting up, moving out, feeling refreshed, happy , cheerful, enthusiastic is what makes your heart feel the life, the beautiful life(inspiring myself to follow).
My story includes travelling the world, trying every damn adventurous sport :
Skiing in Kashmir
River Rafting in Himachal
Mountaineering in Uttarakhand
Trekking in Arunachal
Scuba Diving in Andaman
Flying Fox in Kerala
Water Sports in Goa
Paragliding in Maharashtra
Rock climbing in Madhya Pradesh
Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh/Goa .. and many more(the never ending list)
Feeling scared.. goose bumps? , ah well haven’t got chance to experience all, but yeah will definitely do all.. not just because I love them , but because it would give me the opportunity to explore..
Experiencing the most amazing, surprising things give you the zeal to live….That’s what I believe in , that’s what interest me.. What about you ? What’s Your Interest?